Direct Marketing

With direct marketing at our core, we have an exceptional track record of handling campaigns ranging from 50 recipients to over 1 million from concept to deployment.

Direct Marketing Services are perfect for:

Direct Marketing Services

We customize our services to your company’s unique needs and assign the Wingman crew that excels in assisting you to exceed your objectives.

Flight Plans

CDAP Digital Advisory

The $4 billion Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), announced in the 2021 Federal Budget, aims to support Canadian businesses to meet the challenges of the digital age and reach their full potential.

Strategic Partnership

From mission planning to a perfect landing, you need a Wingman to watch your back. We take partnering with you to heart and are truly part of your crew the entire journey. Your mission is our focus.​

Mission Execution

Even the smallest project or most clearly defined tactic needs a Wingman. We are there to perfectly execute your one-off projects as they arise. We have your back as you need us – even if only for a single mission.​