My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern

My name is Mark DeWit, and I’m a Digital Marketing Intern. My experience at Wingman has been nothing short of amazing, and I’d like to share why.

It was May 2022, and I had just graduated from Mount Royal University here in Calgary. I was awarded my Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in marketing and a minor in innovation & entrepreneurship.

It was the conclusion of five years of studying, and needless to say, I was relieved to finally cross the stage and move on to the next chapter of my life. Don’t get me wrong, school is great, and I enjoyed my time. It’s a time I will always look back on fondly, but I was ready to transition from learning marketing to doing marketing.

Not long after, I got my chance when Wingman Direct Marketing hired me as a Digital Marketing Intern. As many graduates know, getting a job in the area you studied right out of university can be challenging, so I was very grateful to get the opportunity. My role as a crew member is social media management, copywriting for social media captions and blogs, and graphic design for social posts.

The Benefits of Remote Work

Having gone through the pandemic while still in school, I was familiar with what working from home was like. Looking back, doing school online in 2020-21 was hard, but I was glad I stuck with it. I mean, there weren’t many better things to do at that time in my life.

But having a remote job when the world is back to normal is a whole new type of freedom. Not only can I now work from wherever I want, but there’s also a reason to work from other places. This past summer, I found myself working from various locations throughout Alberta and British Columbia. I recently moved from Calgary to Vancouver, and working remotely has allowed me to stay with Wingman while living in Vancouver. This made the transition to a new city just that much easier.

What I’ve learned as a Digital Marketing Intern

1. Creative Freedom

One of the things I’ve learned as a crewmate at Wingman is the power of having creative freedom. Graphic design is an area where this freedom was of great benefit. Creating imagery for both Wingman’s and our client’s social pages independently while receiving feedback allowed me to grow. I was always briefed on the goal of the image, and then I would get my creative design juices flowing to get it done. Truthfully, when asked to create my first post in my first week, I didn’t know where to start. But having the freedom to try something new and potentially fail at it allowed me to gather feedback and improve.

2. It’s hard to know how long tasks will take

I have had projects that have taken much more time than expected, and I’ve had ones that took way less than I anticipated. Truthfully, I’ve found more often that things take longer than expected. With marketing, there’s usually not a single solution but many solutions. It often takes time to choose the best one. Let me give you an example. I have written a handful of blogs so far in my time here. Depending on the client, I don’t always know much about their industry. This means I have to take extra time to research to understand my topic and who the target audience is.

3. Stay Humble

There have been many times when I designed an image or wrote a social caption and thought it was great, only to come back later and realize it could use some improvements. When learning how to be a better marketer, I have learned it is important to trust in my work but also be aware that there’s always room for growth. I have realized that a student mindset is a trait I will need to keep for the entirety of my marketing career. Because no matter how well you may have done, you will likely see how it could have been better when you look back later. And this is a good sign because it means you have grown.


Wingman Direct Marketing is a marketing agency that cares about its employees and clients. The name says it all; they want to be your Wingman. Contact them today, and you’ll soon understand what I’m talking about.

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