You Don't Have To Fly Solo!

The Flight Deck

In aviation the flight deck has two meanings. It is either the area where the pilots control and manage the plane or the surface of which aircraft take-off and land on an aircraft carrier. To us the flight deck is your crew of experts and the foundation of the marketing ideals we subscribe to. 

Strategy First Marketing

Strategy First Marketing is a dynamic approach to promoting a business or product that places a strong emphasis on thoughtful planning and deliberate execution. Unlike traditional marketing tactics that jump straight into creating ads or campaigns, Strategy First Marketing takes the time to thoroughly understand the target audience, market trends, and competitive landscape. It’s all about developing a comprehensive roadmap before taking any action.

In this strategy-driven approach, the goal is to align marketing efforts with the overarching business objectives. This means carefully choosing the most effective channels, crafting compelling messages, and tracking performance metrics to refine the strategy continually. Ultimately, Strategy First Marketing is about making informed decisions that maximize the impact of marketing efforts, ensuring that every dollar spent generates meaningful results and drives the business forward. It’s a holistic approach that focuses on long-term success rather than quick wins, making it an essential practice for any company looking to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Core Values​

At Wingman Direct Marketing, our mission is to be your company’s wingman, assisting you in achieving and exceeding your business goals through keenly planned and executed marketing campaigns.

We seek to accomplish this by getting to know you, your business and your objectives. Then, Wingman strategically draws up attainable and accountable results-driven tactics and lays out the mission for execution.

Meet The Crew

Our crew at Wingman have decades of expertise providing successful results-driven marketing solutions in the strategy, design and execution of effective programs, campaigns, and one-off projects. One size does not fit all and as such, our solutions are built individually for our clients and their objectives. At Wingman, we are experts at streamlining efficiencies and maximizing results while always mindful of campaign cost and timing. We have a proven track record of combining process improvement and organizational leadership to create and achieve successful and repeatable programs.

David Daigle

Chief Digital Officer


Design Lead


Digital Marketing Lead


Digital Adoption Strategist


Digital Marketing Coordinator


Digital Adoption Analyst & Project Manager


Digital Sales Coordinator


Online Lead Specialist


Digital Design Apprentice

Join The Crew

Wingman is a full-service marketing strategy and execution agency.  We are experts at streamlining efficiencies and maximizing results while always being mindful of campaign cost and timing. We are looking for crew members with enthusiasm and belief in our mission, vision, and values to join our team. Our barracks are located in Calgary, Alberta, but we have clients across Canada. Wingman is an equal-opportunity employer and is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community.

Successful Missions

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